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Nash Hall

Like a phytoplankton getting transferred into new culture conditions, it’s taken some time for this Southern Californian to acclimate to the seasons of Corvallis. But, boy, what a place to run, hike, and play soccer! Nick (he/him/his) recently received my doctorate in marine science from UC Santa Barbara where he explored the world of marine bacteria and how they shape (and are shaped by) ocean biogeochemistry. Here at OSU, he is working as a postdoctoral scholar to tease apart how the optical signatures associated with phytoplankton change between day and night. He joined the CVC because he has become more aware that more work, time, and resources are needed to push forward initiatives that improve equity and inclusion at the academic institution and in ocean science. At every stage of his career, he hopes to participate in work that expands outreach programs to underrepresented students, improves recruitment and retention practices for all levels of the academic ladder, and makes the ocean sciences accessible to all people.