The Core Values Committee is made up of volunteers from across the department, including undergraduate and graduate students, research and instructional faculty, administrators, and advisors. If you are interested in working with us, or have an experience, idea, or concern to share with us, you can email us collectively at, or contact us anonymously using the Contact Us link above.

Alex Beck
Ashley Francis
Ashley Francis (she/her/hers) is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in BioHealth Sciences with minors in Public Health and Chemistry. She is planning on attending medical school after graduation and is most passionate about preventive medicine. She hopes to make medicine more accessible for underserved communities in the future. Outside of class, Ashley works as a Peer Advisor for the College of Science. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to new places.
Chris Suffridge
Chris Suffridge (he/him) is a postdoctoral research associate working with the Giovannoni Lab. His research focuses on ocean systems where he investigates vitamin B1 mediated microbial interactions and the resulting impacts on global-scale processes. When he’s not in lab, Chris enjoys skiing and mountain biking. 
Corbin Schuster
Corbin Schuster (He/They) is a PhD student, co-mentored by Drs. Michael Kent and Justin Sanders in the Department of Microbiology. His work focuses on improving Zebrafish as a biomedical model through the development of a nonlethal assay to detect Pseudoloma neurophilia, the most common pathogen in zebrafish research facilities. Outside of his immediate responsibilities, Corbin is the social coordinator co-chair for the Microbiology Graduate Students Association (MGSA) and most recently, Corbin began working on the OSU COVID TRACE team aiding in processing submitted nose swabs to determine community-wide prevalence of COVID-19 in Corvallis, Bend, and Newport, OR.
Daisy Chen
Daisy Chen (she/her/hers) is a 3rd-year Honors Microbiology student, and also works as a Physics Learning Assistant. She is from Eugene, OR, and loves hiking and hanging out with her dog.
Grace Deitzler
-Nash 554
Grace Deitzler (she/her or they/them) is a PhD student and NSF Graduate Fellow in Dr. Maude David's lab in the Department of Microbiology, studying the gut-brain axis in mice and honey bees. Outside of the lab, Grace is the president of the Microbiology Graduate Students Association, and the co-president of the Art-Science club Seminarium. 
Kenton Hokanson
Nash 334
Kenton Hokanson (he/him/his) is an instructor/advisor in the Microbiology Department, and a research associate studying neuroscience in the Biochemistry and Biophysics department. He is passionate about equity and inclusion, and is currently working with on-campus initiatives like Inclusive Excellence and the Faculty-Student Mentorship Program to help OSU better serve all students. He is from a tiny town in Utah, and loves backpacking, board games, running, and anything related to space.
Mary Fulton
Nash 228
Mary Fulton, (she/her) is the OSU Microbiology Department Head’s assistant since 2004.  She grew up in Portland, OR and then lived for 22 years in Seattle before joining OSU’s Microbiology Department.  Mother, Grandmother – loves family gatherings, department gatherings, reading, cooking, nature and hiking.  In need of a professional haircut and family and friend hugs.
MK English
Mary K (MK) English (she/her) is a graduate student in the Department of Microbiology studying probiotics to enhance oyster larvae growth. She grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico and loves playing ice hockey and enduro biking. 
Rebecca Vega-Thurber
Nash 454
Rebecca Vega Thurber (she/her/hers) is faculty member in the department who loves viruses and bacteria, being in the ocean or the mountains, singing, dancing, and most of all teaching and mentoring. Some fun facts about me are that I am half Dominican, my hair started to turn white early in my teens, and I naturally stand on my toes.
Shawn Massoni
Shawn Massoni (he/him) is a faculty member in the department who is (professionally) passionate about bacterial genetics and medicinal fungi, and (personally) passionate about breaking down hierarchies in higher education. He is a Massachusetts native who, in a previous life, was a professional woodworker, lived in a yurt he built with his family in the woods of New Hampshire, and constantly bites off more than he can chew.